#SML (Single Mom Life)

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I know this post might bring me some backlash, so before you bite me just hear me out.

I know ALL parents have their struggles. Whether you are married or single we all go through our fair amount of shit trying to raise our little ones. But being a single mom with all of the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping Lyric alive and happy on my shoulders, this article hit me right in the feels. Give it a click. Pretty good read.

Why Being a Single Mom Has Turned Me Into a Complete B*TCH

In the last few months Lyric and I have experienced so many changes with moving, losing nannies, lawyers, dwindling bank accounts, oncoming terrible two’s and blah blah blah.

More than a few times I have been called “negative” by some of the people closest to me. Perhaps I have been a tad more testy than I need to be given that I am SO VERY BLESSED. (I absolutely know how lucky I am) But sometimes I think its ok to recognize when you are doing what some would consider impossible. Because folks sometimes it feels that way. And sometimes my emotions get the better of me and I turn into what best friend in the universe called “The Hulk”. Zero patience and zero filter. Im trying to be better about it but it is excruciatingly isolating to feel like your on the island of Loneliville without anyone but a 17 month old to talk to. Toddlers don’t tend to understand the anxiety and depression that sometimes comes along with being a single parent. Not that I would want ever him to understand…

Don’t get me wrong. Being Lyric’s mommy is the best roller coaster ride I could ever hope to be on. But I’ve never been the mom to create a picture that motherhood is jus a basket of rainbows and skittles.

I’m not going to get into all the whining about dirty diapers and sleepless nights and nonexistent sex life…i’ll just say that momming aint easy.



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