Usually when I write abut anything juicy I’m talking about Juicy Couture but this particular time I’m writing about actual juice. I must apologize for the crappy instagram pic but I forgot to take a picture of my latest juicing venture before I devoured them. After posting that instagram pic I had a lot of ladies inquiring as to the pro’s and cons of my juicing adventure so I figured I would share. So here’s where it all started….

I’m going to Jamaica for Thanksgiving in less than a week and I am so excited! It’s the first time I’m going out of the country without family (yes at 33) so I want to make the most out of this trip. I.E. I want to eat, drink, be merry and look good in a bikini. What girl doesn’t right?

Now before this post turns into a body shaming thing it’s really not about that. I’m 5’3″ and 115 bls. Well actually I was 120 prior to the cleanse. And let me say this before I continue, there is NOTHING wrong with that! I just wanted to kick start a road back to a healthier me. If you follow this blog at all you know that 8 months ago I made the big move to Atlanta and started my new job at Power 96.1. I love my new job and adore my new city but my fitness routine has suffered immensely from this lifestyle change. My schedule is busier, I don’t have a gym membership yet, my running has been spotty at best and there’s the damn bagel Friday at work. Add to it that I’m a girl who loves craft beer, wine, cheese and brunches…. Stick a fork in me and my healthy ways are all but done.

So about a month ago I started going to hot yoga again. I’ve pretty disciplined with it going a few times a week which has been awesome, but it hasn’t been enough to make me feel healthy and strong. Plus my noshing habits have still been off. I mean I eat well at home but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow that. I bring my own snacks to work but all too often there are clients bringing in subs, or cupcakes or ice cream for us to sample and talk about on air. I mean that’s fine once in a blue moon but when its on a regular basis it can be an issue for the chick that’s chillin’ with her gluten free sweet potatoes chips. You see that’s the thing, I never used to crave the crap as long as I had my own wholesome munchies on hand. Hence why I decided to do a juice cleanse. I wanted to restart my body. While doing some research on cleanses I read this one article that said “If you give your car and oil change when needed why don’t you do this for your body.” After reading that all systems were a go and I was ready for the go-go juice!

I chose to do a three day cleanse and there just so happened to be a place fdown the street from my apratment that provides cold pressed juices. It’s recommended that you do a 5-7 day juice cleanse but for me Rome wasn’t built in a day so I decided to start small. If you live in the Atlanta area you have to check out Kale Me Crazy. They’re juices were actually pretty tasty and you can order daily so if you decide you want to extend your cleanse another day you easily can.

Now on to the nitty gritty of the three days. I know your about to give me the “Pfffffffttttttt GURL BYE” when you read what I’m about to say….but it was honestly really easy. To me it was all about discipline. I hand to kind mind f*ck myself in a way. And by that I mean breaking the relationship I had with the act of chewing. If I was honest with myself I wasn’t actually hungry throughout the three days. i only craved food when I would smell it. You aren’t starving because your getting all of the daily nutrients you need. You drink a juice every two hours so it was similar to the eating schedule I already had. I just wasn’t chomping.

The only thing that I found a little bit of a struggle is the AFTER. The end of my cleanse came at the weekend. You know, the time you go to dinner with friends and go to brunch on Sunday. Even though your done juicing you can’t just jump back into gulping mimosas and bindging on eggs benedict. Well I mean you could but then your hard work would be for nothing and you would soon develop and intimate relationship with Mr. Potty. I read a few more articles on juicing and found that there are some strong emotional correlations that come along with juicing. Much like fasting in the bible. I honestly found this to be true for myself because even though I was breaking from all that I had known I felt centered, clear and productive when I wasn’t focusing on where my next meal topped off with a glass of Pinot Grigio was going to be. I had some good old self time that was as much needed as the kick start to my metabolism.

All in all I am super happy with my juicing journey. Dare I say that I may go back for the 5 day cleanse next time. Jamaica here I come!!!


Just A Few Of My Favorite Things…


Épicé Purifying Exfoliant

Stilla Stay All Day Lipstick In Beso

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum

Your The Balm Lip Balm Green Apple

Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner

PARISIENNE Eau De Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

IQ Natural DEAD SEA Mud Mask

clariSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant

As you can tell I have had quite the obsession with exfoliating skin care as of lately. The winter months are making me loose my summer glow and it seems like my 33rd year on this earth brought with it some funky skin issues. I ran into a chick at happy hour the other day and she had the most gorgeous skin so you know I had to pry into her beauty regimen. Apparently she does a mask every night. Off to Amazon I went to find a good organic one. I don’t do it every night but once a week is definitely a must.

Being that its winter I’ve been craving a new look for my lips. The pucker has been dry and cracked and is in need a new funky shade. Normally I stick to nude and pale pink glosses but I’m feeling the wine/red colored lip stains.

My Ipsy and Birch Box fairies must have been listening because I love the samples they sent this month. I have to be honest and say that I rarely get exactly what I’ve been wanting out of my monthly subscriptions but this time they were on point. That red lip stain is to die for!!! And even though I should be, I’m not much of a lip balm type girl but that yummy green apple one is my new fav!!! Both of those exfoliators are awesome too! The gel eyeliner was a bonus because I’m a sucker for a good eye wing. The only thing I would say though is if you aren’t skilled at the wing you might not like this one. It’s rather thick and can be hard to apply.

I’m sort of ashamed to admit that I discovered that peach skin serum through a blog of one of the cast members of Vanderpump Rules. Whatevs…we all have our vices and bad reality TV is mine. And her blog is actually really good. Its PuckerandPout.com if your interested.

And last but never least, let me not forget my new favorite scent. I was in the airport the other day and I had forgotten to put on perfume which for some reason makes me feel like I’m naked in public. So I stopped into one of the perfume counters for a quick spritz. When I walked into a restaurant for some lunch I must have been smelling like a million dollars because the hostess stopped me and said “Hunny what are you wearing? Child you smell good!” Hehe that still makes my heart smile.

Until next time friends…


Show Me The Booties!!!


I was talking about the booties that go on your feet. I’m good on being mooned at the moment. Seems like every time I write a blog here I want to start by apologizing for staying away so long. Why don’t we just make that a standing apology since I’m guessing it will happen again. Pinky promise to try and be better.

Now on to my latest fashion craving… Ankle Booties! Seriously cannot stop buying them. Every time I come across a pair that catches my eye I think to myself “Just how many pairs of ankle booties does one really need?” As you can tell from the pic above my logic never wins over my shoe love.


I had actually never heard of the brand Blowfish so I wasn’t sure if $27.99 was a steal but at that point I had already fallen in love with them so they were coming home with me. Turns out they retail for around $69.00 so it was a win all around. I’m almost ashamed to say that my bootie fetish (geez that sounds weird) didn’t stop there.


Those Carlos Santana beauties jumped up and bite me when I wasn’t looking. Actually I have gotten so much use out of them that they were worth every penny of the $27.99 that I spent. Literally wear them with everything!


Oh sweet shoe love!! Xoxox

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture



Ok….Ok. I know that summer is almost over and it way past Forth Of July but how cute are those YMI shorts? I love going into Ross at the change of the season and perusing the clearance rack for goodies. I mean for $6.99 why not??
At first I though they were a little hoochie but I figure If I slummed them up with a hoodie I could still maintain a a certain amount of taste. A tad bit of hooch is ok from time to time but only if done in the right way.

Those black Carlos Santana ankle booties are so cute I can”t even stand it. They have everything the perfect summer-to-fall shoe needs. Comfortable, light weight, sexy, and they go with everything. Pretty much a win for $27.00 bucks.

The hoodie, tank and accessorizes are all stuff I pulled out of my stash. As much as I love shopping for new stuff its sort of like Christmas when you actually shift through what you already have. Until next time!


Uncharted Territory…..


Sorry its been such a long time since I’ve posted anything. I really hate always apologizing for being MIA but a girl get busy sometimes. Life has been crazy but in a good way! Building my new radio show, getting acclimated here in Atlanta, and even finding a little time for a love life. Don’t get too excited….prince charming hasn’t shown up with my glass slipper just yet!

So I’ve been wanting to delve into the wonderful world of makeup contouring for quite some time now but its super intimidating to me. For years I didn’t even wear foundation because anytime I did it was either the wrong shade or it wasn’t blended properly. There are far to many pictures of me with that dreaded two tone neck to face effect. Ick, I cringe just thinking about it. Well now that I have mastered the art of foundation I think I’m ready to graduate to the big leagues and get that Kim K contoured glow! Say what you will about that Kardashians but they’re skin always looks flawless. I did a little research on different techniques and products and there is so much infor on Pinterest that it made my brain hurt.

Brushes or sponges…
Cream or powder kits…
Foundation or bare skin first….

Ayiyi its a science people!


I decided to go with a generic cream contouring palette. There are some really nice looking ones at Sephora but I figured I would try it out before I go spending big bucks and still have the lingering potential of looking like a clown. I found that one on Amazon for $3.95! Can’t go wrong there right?


My old brushes were looking a little shabby so I figured what better time than the present to buy some new ones. My last set were Chanel and they’re great, but last month I ordered a Booby Brown cream shadow brush that I fell in love with so I went that route this time. At only $21.50 on eBay I was like yessss please!


I went ahead and bought some beauty blender sponges too. I’ve never used them before but all the makeup bloggers swear by them not just for contouring but for BB cream and foundation as well. If the experts say they are a go and they only cost me $10.99 for a four pack of four on Amazon…Im game!

I’m going to practice my contouring skills this week. I promise to post pictures when I’ve mastered my best Kim Kardashian glow. Cross your fingers for me!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

Real Talk #MyBoobsHurt

Once I purchased my fancy schmancy camera I vowed that I would stop using crappy phone/Instagram shots for my blog, but for this post the picture is relevant. Plus I’m not about to stand in front of the mirror with my professional camera trying to capture a decent angle of my rack.

One thing before I get into the nitty-gritty of this post. If your one of the four males that reads my stuff I’ll be kind and give you a disclaimer here….

I’m going to talk about my PERIOD. Yes that thing that requires tampons! Gasp!

I can just hear the scampering clicks of men desperately trying to get away from this site right now. Why are men so afraid of period talk? I mean it happens to us every month. If your into girls and you ever want a relationship you guys are bound to have a run in with it at least once in your life. It seems like any mention of red tide comes out and all the dudes in the room get all 4th grade and take themselves to their happy place. Grow up ya pussies!

Whoops. Haha. Hey I warned you it was that time of the month. On to my point.


I took that pic the other day after a sweaty gym session and one of my friends commented that my boobs look like soccer balls. You can tell he’s been avidly watching the World Cup. I have always had big ladies so I usually don’t pay any attention to such comments but at second glace they do really look like soccer balls. You would think I had a recent trip to the plastic surgeon or soemthing. This is all due to my period. The last few months it has just been horrendous!!!!! Not that any period is a trip to Disneyland but honestly I’m concerned.

My cramps have been more painful.
My stomach is damn near distended when it bloats.
I’m so exhausted you would think I’m narcoleptic.
Flow is HEA-VY.
My boobs are super sore and HUUUUUUGE!!!

I know what your thinking ladies. That I should quit my whining and get some Midol. Honestly I’m no stranger to tough monthlys being that I became a woman at 12 and they have always been harsh. But is this Endometriosis or something? I know, I know. Go to the doctor.

Blah. I dont wanna.


The New Man In My Life….


Michael Kors is officially my new boyfriend. I have been having quite the summer fling with him for the last few months. This little love affair that I have going on it actually approaching fatal attraction status rather quickly because I can’t seem to get enough. That beauty you see above is Michael and I’s latest love child. We decided to name her Selma Saffiano Leather Stud Large Zip Clutch…. I know it’s a mouthful but it was just so fitting for her.

Ok let me quit sounding like some strange purse fetish junkie that just got her fix.

But seriously though, how delicious is that clutch??


Found her on Ebay for $76 bucks!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaassss girl yaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!

So I could make myself look like less of an MK junkie by not sharing my other love children but far be it for me to leave out any memebers of the family. There I go again, sounding like a wack-a-do. Haha oh well.


As you can tell from the scratches I have been obsessed with that MK Logo Plate Ring. It seriously goes with everything! That was another Ebay find that was a steal at $31 bucks!!!! And if I’m keeping it real, my MK affair doesn’t stop there.


I think Michael and I are getting really serious…

The gold one was a random Ross find that was kind of hitting the jackpot. Ross doesn’t usually carry a lot of MK stuff so when I spotted that guy in the case I was like “Anything under $150 and its mine.” When the clerk took it out of the case and told me it was on clearance for $114…..you best believe I snatched that shit up so fast I think she though I was gonna steal it! The best part was when I took it to the MK store to get sized and all the girls at the counter were drooling over it and saying how it was so rare. My inner cheap diva was giggling her malicious mwuahahahahahahah laugh at what a steal it was.

The silver one was yet another ebay find at $138 with the original price being $275. Damnit I’m good!!!!

I honestly wish I could say that MK and I are going to cool our heels for a bid but I have my eye on a Brilliance Pave Lock Charm Bangle…after that Ill behave. Maybe.


Sneaker Kicks


I’m not quite sure what’s happened to me lately but I have almost given up my signature stilettos for sneakers. Almost people.


When I fist came to Atlanta I discovered this cute urban style boutique called “Wish” in the hipster area of town. Ive never been too much of a sneaker gal but when in Rome right? If you ever come to Atlanta you have to mosey on by Little 5 Points. It’s the perfect little nook of vintage meet trendy shopping. My new found sneaker obsession started there when I found a pair of grey suede high top Nikes for $80 bucks. It seems like every time I go anywhere near Little Five I suddenly hear shoe voices coming from the shoe dungeon inside wish. Ok, hearing shoe voices is a little nuts of me to say but I’m serious about the shoe dungeon. “Wish” has this lower floor that is filled with nothing but amazing hard to find sneakers.

That damn room holds me hostage every time I enter it. My ransom is payed and I am free once I buy a pair of shoes.


Those beauties you see above are my latest fix.

Funny thing is that the last time I went there I begged my friend to be my moral support and not let me buy anything. But Nike textile print high tops in my size for $39 marked down from $210???? I think he knew better than to let me walk out of there without them because I would have cursed him later 🙂


How cool is it that the print on these shoes is Liberty Fabrics Design!! Ok, I’m not gonna pretend that I’m that savvy in fashion history….. But apparently Liberty Fabrics is an Avant Garde textile design that was created back in the 1890’s. So freaking dope right?????

Once my bank account recovers from all the shopping…ER….RESEARCH. Yea research I’ve been doing I’ll be going back for more!


Ruby Rocks


A few weeks ago I decided to get all spicey with my hair color and dyed it FIRE RED. It was actually an accident. You see I have done red before but not THIS red. The first time my hairstylist dyed it the color came through but not as bright as I wanted. So the next week I went back for another round. I must admit that at first glance of my new hair hue I wanted to cry! The only thought that came to mind was BOZO the clown. I had officially turned myself into bozo the clown!!!

But after a few weeks of getting used to it I decided that I dig being a little fire cracker. Plus everyone kept telling me it was fierce so I don’t know what I was so worried about. I’m actually going back next week to dye it again.

Side note…
BE YOU. You wanna dye your hair blue/green/neon purple….Do it!!
You want to get a huge tattoo of a ladybug? Do it!!!
You wanna run through the streets naked….well um?

Any hoozle-bees. I have a point. My hair was my inspiration to find something unique in red…I LOVE THIS RING!!!!!!!!

Its a 4 carat simulated Ruby with white topaz accents set in sterling silver. I got that beauty on eBay for…
wait for it….


Check the Ringlovers shop if you want to score a few cheap gems of your own!


Do it!!!!

Retail Therapy


So did I really NEED not one new pair of shoes but two?

Technically the answer is yes!

It’s sort of been a hell of a week. I’ve been really busy with the new job and its seems as though sleep and me time have been at a minimum. Adding to that, Diablo the Cold Monster visited me this week so a little retail therapy was most certainly due. To even say that is sort of a double edge sword for me because I’m living the dream. The dream I’ve worked ten years for. But in the business of life sometimes you find things missing. Not gonna get into that right now. I’ll just say that sometimes I fill the void with shoes. Lord I sound so shallow and dramatic right now. Lack of sleep and just getting over a brutal cold can do that to a girl.

Back to the new babies…Er I mean shoes.


I found those nude Guess sandal pumps at Ross today for $25 bucks!!


I must say I have been a little disappointed in the shoe selection at Ross here in Atlanta. I guess there are so many other places to find shoes in the city that Ross doesn’t stock up. So when you find a good steal you have to jump… Or at least that’s how I rationalized it knowing full well that I already had another pair of shoes coming in the mail.


I am a little bit more obsessed with these Mint Cupid Pumps than I should admit. I was bidding on these suckers on Ebay for three straight weeks! I lost the auction three times before I finally got them for $22 bucks! Never underestimate a girl on a shoe mission! Cannot wait to wear them!

Hope this finds you in your happy place!


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