My Hair Has A Secret!

There I am with my plain old short hair. Now there is nothing wrong with short hair if that’s your thing but I like to channel my inner Kim Kardashian from time to time by adding a little length. I have Puertorican brittle hair that tends to break off quite easily so growing it out takes FOREVER!! A long time ago I considered having extentions put in but as we all learned from Britney Spears a few years ago I didn’t want to end up with no hair in two years. Plus getting extensions can cost upwards of $300 and as we all know by now I’m not spending that kind of dough. Then there is the idea of clip-in extensions but those can be up to $10.00 a piece for one! To get that full look you usually need about 15 depending on how much hair you have. So I decided to make my own and go from short to long and luscious.

And just so you know once you have these clips in they stay put. Even through dancing….

So here’s what you need. One pack of human hair weave from your local hair and wig store. (The human hair is important if you want to curl or style it) I like the New Yaki brand.

You will also need some large wig clips….

A little bit of sturdy sewing thread…

And away we go!!! When you take the weave out of the packet it’s going to be one long sort of string…Looks like this.

You will want to cut for each clip three sections that are the length of the clip. Like so…

Then put the hair against the clips and thread through the holes at the to of the clip.

I only have one section pictured here so you can see what it looks like but don’t forget to do three. Any less will be too thin to make a difference once you have them on. One packet makes about 15-20 pieces. For the human medium length hair that I use its $27.99 per pack. The clips are $1.49 for a two-pack. I usually use about 6-8 packs of the clips.

I made this particular set for a friend and we weren’t sure if she would need one or two packs. Sure enough one was plenty and I ended up returning the other. I originally only bought 6 packs of clips so I needed more. So after everything I only ended up spending around $40.00 bucks! Not to shabby being that they are reusable and won’t kill your hair! I have had mine for about two years. I loved them so much that I did them in red when I dyed my hair.

Ick! I look haggard in that pick! But here is the pretty one….

This really isn’t that hard to do. It’s a little time consuming so if you would like me to make yours for you  then you can leave a comment with your email  and we can work something out 🙂 Happy hair making!!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ RILEY COUTURE

More Outlet Goodies!

You would think that with the number of posts I have done about my vacation finds that I would have spent a ton of money. Haha, you should know this Cheap Diva a little better than that 🙂 There is another outlet type store in Florida that I frequent that carries what I call “leftovers” from HSN. I found out about this place because my sister if a stylist for them. Bascially the overflow of things they don’t sell on air or on the website all get shipped to one of their outlet stores. Most things are makred down 40-75% off then they begin marking things down based on how long they have been in the store. Those filigree CZ earrings above were originally $15.95.

Pretty cheap for the quality and look but the sale price didn’t stop there. They had been in the store for about a month and were marked down to about $4.25!! I had to keep looking at those prices and that’s when I stumbled upon these turquoise earrings.

These were actually a really cheap find at $14.90 because they are sterling silver and real turquoise.

They had been in the store for about two months so the discounted price brought them down to $3.75! Score!!! I thought that I was going to be in trouble when I came upon a case that had these in it….

My mom almost tried to steal them away from me when she saw they size being that both of us are both a 6. Plus the bottom of the shoe was just too cute for words! They say “Too much is not Enough….LOVE.LIVE.SHOP.” If they would have said something about SHOP CHEAP I probably would have fainted!

They are Beverly Feldman shoes made from leather and the leopard print is faux fur. Much to my surprise they had been in the case for about a year so the price tag was pretty faded.

The retail price sits at about $149.00 for this brand of shoe so when the lady rang them up I was pretty amazed!! With the time discount I walked away with these pumps for $22.00! I can’t wait to wear these with a slinky black dress or a solid turtleneck in the fall!  The next time you go on vacation I really hope you take my advice and go to the area outlet stores. Your wallet will thank you for it! Happy shopping!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ R!LEY COUTURE

Vacation Steals Cont….

How cute is this little Lola Romper that I found at the outlet mall in Florida?? Even more adorable is the price! I got this at the BCBG store for a whopping $8 bucks! To be honest I don’t think the sales girl wanted to give it to me at that price. I would NEVER pay retail for this….even on sale ones that are similar are like $239.00! Crazy right??? I must have had romper fever while I was there…

They also had a Guess outlet store where I fell in love with this little summer number. It  retails for $68.00 but the their markdown price was $44.00.

Much to my delight during Forth of July weekend most of the store was marked down an extra 50%!!! So I scored it for $22 bucks!!! It so comfy but still sexy at the same time. LOVE!!! But that wasn’t my only find at the Guess store.

I’m a sucker for a well fitted pair of shirty-shorts that don’t ride up your bum. These fit me so well I almost didn’t care what they cost (within Cheap Diva reason). The original price for these guys was $47.00 with the outlet price being $34.99.

My decision on whether or not to purchase the was definitely YES when I remembered the extra 50% off.  A teeny little $17.50 for shorts that are normally twice that much was just too good to walk away from!! I tell you, it is SO worth it to research area outlet malls when going on vacation!  I have even more vacation goodies to show you so be sure to check back later!!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ R!LEY COUTURE

Cheap Diva Vacation Edition

It always happens that when you go on vacation you abandon your sense of finding the perfect deal. You look at the price tag and say “Eh! I’m on vacation.” No, no, no! I just went to visit friends and family in Florida over the Forth of July weekend. Florida is one of my shopping meccas because there are so many awesome stores there. In that bag of goodies above I could have dropped almost a $100 bucks an two  things but that just wouldn’t be me. My girlfriend watched my puppy over the weekend and knowing what a little handful she can be I wanted to get her something special. She’s a Coach junkie and Florida happens to have an amazing outlet mall that has a Coach store.  Almost everything in that store is up to 50% off and being that it was a holiday weekend they were giving and extra 30% off. I found this adorable coach key chain that you put pictures in! She has two little boys so this is perfect for her.

These can retail normally for $38.00 but the price at the outlet store was $19.00. With the extra 30% off I payed about $14.00! I was about to check out until I found this little goody! When I saw the price there was no way I was walking out of that store without it.

This cosmetic case usually sells for $58.00 but the outlet store had it in their clearance section. With all of the discounts I ended up only spending $14.16!!!

Now you would think that because its an outlet store that they would just throw it in a bag and be done, but it is still a Coach store! Look at these cute little baggies they came in!

So cute! Hopefully my friend isn’t looking at this and seeing what I payed for her presents. But she knows I’m a cheap diva and I couldn’t resist sharing! The next time you go on vacation you should definitely check out what the city has to offer for outlet malls. Most cities have them and its so worth it! Ta-ta!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ R!LEY COUTURE

P.S. Be sure and check back because I have more vacation steals to show you!

Florida Floppies!

I seriously adore these big floppy beach hats! The fiance and I are taking a little vacation to Florida in a few weeks so I wanted to get some fun Florida friendly accessories. I’m not usually one for the big Kentucky Derby kind of hat but I figured if I could find a few for cheap that I would be game to wear them in the Sunshine state. I have seen these hats in department stores  at upwards of $30. Not too bad but still a little expensive for me to jump up and down at. I found these cute hats at a place called Forever Young in Wolfchase Galleria. When I saw the sing for  buy one get one free I thought to myself “Now your speaking my language!” The big purple one was originally $24.99….

While the white one was originally $14.99. Now I thought that was a good deal but when we got to the register there was an additional discount. I’m still not sure why but I wasn’t going to complain. Could have possibly been some summer clearance where everything in the store has a certain percentage off. So I got both hats for……

$16.38! Ta-da! Gotta love it! Cannot wait to rock these in Florida!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ R!LEY COUTURE

Cheap Munchies

At the radio station where I spend most of my time there s ALWAYS bad munchies laying around.  Naughty things like cake, fried chicken, chips, donuts. You name it, it’s been there! It doesn’t exactly make for any easy summer of trying to fit into the bathing suit of my previous post if ya know what I mean. I like to indulge just as much as anybody so I look for healthier options to keep in my desk. Sometimes however eating healthy can really get expensive so I like to go to BigLots for some good finds. That’s where I found these goodies. I was in there the other day looking for a cheap floor fan for my bedroom. Geez those things are pricey. I’ll let you know when I find one inexpensive enough for my liking 🙂 Anyhoo, a lot of times BigLots carries things that don’t sell well on regular supermarket shelves and sells them for a discount. Take that JB’s Diet Tea for example. If you can even find the diet version  it sells for 99 cents to $1.50 depending on where u go. I know for a fact that that size pack of trail mix would go for $5.oo in any other store. Not to mention it has chocolate bits in it for 140 calories per serving! SCORE! And those Richardson Pastel mints (60 calories per serving) are about the same price in the stores give or take about a dime but if you are looking to stock up on snacks then BigLots is a great place to go. Who would have thought? Happy Cheap shopping!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ R!LEY COUTURE

Bachelorette Bathing Suit

So there’s me in a simple little bikini. Nothing wrong with simple right? Blaaaaaaaaaah! Boring! I do love the price that I got for it though. I got it at Forever 21 for a whopping $10 bucks! I wanted to give it a little sprucing up so when I wore it to our pool Party at Harrah’s in Tunica I added that little cherry charm you see here. (Just something I had lying around in my jewelry box). Now that was all well and dandy but I have another event at Harrah’s coming up that requires a little more pizzazz. They are throwing me a Bachellorette Pool Party there so I wanted to wear something cute that has that feel. Something that says Bachellorette without it being little penis shaped pins on my boobies.  So I took a little trip to Micheal’s and found these cute sew-on buttons!

I fell in love instantly when I saw the big bauble engagement ring and the shoes! Nothing says Bachelorette or R!LEY like a big ring and stilettos! Alas, I wasn’t able to use the shoes because they were both shaped facing the same direction and a girl can’t have two left feet! So I decided to save the shoes for another project and go with the flower, ring and mouth buttons. For two packs they were only $3.75 and at that price I didn’t care if I used all of them. Out with the sewing kit!

That sewing kit is a must for all Cheap Divas! I chose to sew on the buttons and not use fabric glue because If I decide to take them off its a simple as snipping a stitch. But fabric glue would probably work too. Although I’m not sure how well it would lay on the suit one you have it on.  About fifteen minutes later…….

Bling in the boobies baby! Come on! I know its a little cheesy but at a bachellorette party your allowed!

Daisy undy-pants!! I was actually surprised at how easy it was to get those sparkly daisies to lay flat on the bottoms.

 And there you have it! Around $15 dollars later! A little subtle change but just enough to have the girls saying “Awwwww where did you get that?!?” I originally had the fiance take a picture of me in the suit but he was having too much fun zooming in the the ring in between by chest area so I decided to leave those photos out. 🙂 Hope your having a Cheap Diva Day ladies!

~ Hugs and Smiles~ R!LEY COUTURE

$2 Dollar Make You Holler!!!

Geez! You would think with the name of this blog and my latest title that there is something seedy going on here. Hah, rest assure that I’m not a fashion hoochie mama. Well come to think of it with the price that I payed for this dress I sort of am.  It came with the tags attached and was originally a whopping $253!!! Pretty pricey right? But never fear! The Cheap Diva is here! This beauty was purchased at a local consignment shop for $2 bucks! Yes TWO DOLLARS! Now some people may be hesitant to shop at second hand store but I’m not! I just think of it as vintage shopping. If it was good enough for Carrie Bradshaw then it’s good enough for me! Let me give you a closer look at the detail on the dress….

Cute right! You will have to excuse the camera phone pick but I’m looking into a Cheap Diva way for a new camera. I wore this to our Peabody Rooftop Party ealier this season so if your itching for a more professional picture of the dress here ya go!

Yea baby! In my head I’m saying…”They only think I payed a heap of money for this dress!” Want another look?

I think the crowd loved it 🙂 Oh, and by the way…that hair in my ponytail has a secret. Check back for another post on that! Hope you all are having a Cheap Diva kind of  day!

~ Hugs and Smiles~ R!LEY COUTURE!

The Cheap Diva is Born!!!!!

Hello fellow Cheap Divas! Happy dance! Happy dance! You will have to excuse my excitement about my first  post but I am so excited to share this new little venture inspired by my love of getting deals and looking fabulous! Since I was a wee one my mother has always instilled in me to get the best product for the cheapest price. Being that I work in radio I am always going to events so its my mission to look my best, but contrary to popular belief radio personalities aren’t exactly raking in the cash. Needless to say I have gotten good at digging for the deals! Plus it always bugs me to see those weekly magazines with “Steals and Deals” on their covers. Excuse me but $65 dollars for a pair of sandals is NOT a steal. I’m always thinking to myself  I bet you that I can find the same pair for $14.99.  Honestly, what girl doesn’t like to hear that golden question when people gasp and say, “Where did you get that !?!”  But this girl gets more satisfaction telling them how much I DIDN’T pay for it.  Everyone deserves to live fabulously but doesn’t have to go bankrupt  to get there. It’s like I always say….. I may be a diva. But I’m a CHEAP DIVA!!! So through a little (ok a lot) of encouragement from my amazing fiance, he did the graphics by the way……Cheap Diva is born! I’ll be posting my tid bits periodically to show you  how to always keep the cash in your pocket while keeping up with the latest trends. This is something I’m really passionate about so I really hope you enjoy!!!! Come back soon!

~ Hugs and Smiles~ R!LEY COUTURE

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