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Thought I would share a few of my lastest beauty go-to favorites….


Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

For the longest time I was using a Chanel scrub that I was in love with but it seems like my face gets used to products every few years and they lose their effect. Time to switch things up! I went to an Aveda salon in Nashville and I figured that if it was good enough for my hair then it should be good enough for my skin. I was right!!! I love how the exfoliating beads are super gentle and my face doesn’t feel stripped after using it.


Agave Healing Oil

When it comes to my hair I am SUPER picky about the products I use. In fact there are only a few things that I will spend serious money on…


I have been blessed cursed with curly frizzy Puerto Rican hair that has been tortured with over possessing and dying over the years. I’m trying to grow out my natural curls and channel my inner Beyonce but its been a slow process. Whenever I try and let the curls go I look more like Rick James. So until it gets a little longer I have to stick with my flat iron, weave and good hair products. This Avave oil is the! It doesn’t leave an oily film and my locks feel super soft after using it. I wouldn’t recommend using on dry hair though. I like to rub in a dollop before I sit under the dryer.


Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

#OBSESSED! Whenever I’m doing something important and I know I’m going to be in front of a camera of some sort I’m all about the primer/concealer/foundation combo but for everyday that’s just too much work. I got a sample of this BB cream in my Birchbox a few months back and fell in love. Not to mention that little sample lasted forever! The coverage I get from this stuff is so awesome and the formula isn’t greasy like some BB creams. Pretty neat that it’s a one size fits all type of shade. This way when I get my tan on in the summer I don’t have to switch up my products.

solar powder1

Physicians Formula Solar Powder SPF 20 Bronzer

I must admit that I only discovered the magic of bronzer a few years ago. So being the bronzer novice that I am I’m pretty cheap when buying it. Whenever I’m in Kroger I always check out the clearance section for hidden goodies and that’s where I found this stuff. Hence the package looking all busted.


For half off I’m game! I haven’t tried it yet because I’m trying to use up the last bits of the other one I bought. I’ve always heard great things about Physician’s Formula so I’m optimistic. I’ll let ya know how it goes. I’m off for a run peeps. Happy Sunday!!!


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