Why is this always the hardest part? Whenever people ask me to write about myself I always draw a blank. Literally, like I stare at them and go “Uuuuhhhhhh…..” Well if you clicked on this page you obviously want to know a little bit about me so I had better get it together. Here it goes…

Hi! I’m Riley Couture. I’m a feisty full-blooded Puerto Rican girl originally from Tampa Florida. I like to think of myself as a girly girl with a twist of tomboy.

The Sunshine State is where I discovered my first love: Radio. Ten years later I’m still on this rollercoaster ride of living my life behind a microphone and I wouldn’t trade any one day of it. My job has allowed me so many amazing experiences that many could only dream about. I am so blessed. During the course of my career as an on-air personality I’ve had pit stops in Grand Rapids Michigan, Memphis, and Tennessee. A little over a year ago, I made Nashville my home. Music City Rocks! We radio folk are sort of like army brats, we just meet more celebrities. JLo was, shall we say….interesting.

I am obsessed with music, fashion, fitness, anything vintage, and clearance racks. God is my savior and I believe that everything truly happens for a reason.

I don’t have any human children as of yet, but I am a proud mommy to my furry daughter, P!NK Presley Couture (after the artist not the color). I’m currently single but Prince Charming is out there somewhere. And if not, I’ll always have my shoes.

When I’m not on the radio, you can find me crafting trinkets for my Etsy shop, working out, writing, and drinking wine. I love to cook, enjoy dancing and can sometimes be caught randomly staring at my shoe collection.

If there is anything else you want to know about me ask away!